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Debt Collection, R-ish, Charley & Jerry
cheaper than therapy
ilcuoreardendo wrote in frightnight2011

Title: Debt Collection
Author: ilcuoreardendo | ilcuoreardendo
Pairing: Pre Charley/Jerry, really
Warnings: Nudity, some sexuality, coercion (dub-con, non con elements)
Summary: Jerry finds Charley after the boy's explosive encounter with a group of vampires.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I just play with 'em.

Follow the fake cut to my Tumblr. (And, hey, give me a follow if you're so inclined. I post a variety of short fic there. When I'm not stuck in creative doldrums.)

( “To think, you traded everything I offered…for this. It doesn’t even rate as a shithole, Charley.” Jerry shook his head, reached out and plucked him from the makeshift bedding. )

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Good stuff over on your tumblr! Is it tagged Fright Night? I saw the beach one you posted today (recced it to a friend, actually), but don't think I've seen any of your other FN ficlets before.

Thank you!

It's tagged Fright Night 2011, as should be everything I've written for the fandom...if I've kept up with myself. :P

Ah, no wonder. I only check the plain ole "Fright Night" tag. I don't mind the occasional stuff from the old film (or people's Halloween carnivals... or an episode of the Carrie Diaries!).

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