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Lisa Kitty
noisywallflower wrote in frightnight2011
I've posted here before about one game I'm in, but now I'm in two that I thought I'd promote.

War is Coming is a panfandom game on insanejournal set in the Supernatural universe, though you don't need to know Supernatural to join. So far we have a decent set of Fright Night characters - Peter, Ginger, Amy, and even Peter's mother as of recently. It would be great to get the remaining characters, especially Charley, in the game. In this game, Fright Night characters are puncturable meaning they're able to see their own movie. Check it out here.

The second game is Carnaval de la Lumière, which is also panfandom but set in a traveling depression era carnival. It's loosely based on the tv series Carnivàle, but like the first game you don't need any knowledge of the show the game is based off of. Here we only have Peter and Amy. Peter is the carnival's illusionist and they just took Amy on as part of a Vaudeville singing and dancing act. Check it out here.

I'd also be interested in hearing about any games you guys might be in involving Fright Night characters and interested if anyone might want to get a PSL or something going on strictly for Fright Night.

And just so this isn't all RP talk, have one of my favorite Fright Night AU videos! Here. I'm waiting for someone to turn it into a fic.


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