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Anton <3
you missed
Not sure how often anyone pops by here these days, but I'm sure most of us still love the movie and have heard the sad news. Based on the comments around the internet and the fact that two coworkers told me separately, it's been a bit of comfort to discover how many people knew of and appreciated Anton even while his star was still rising, even if just from Fright Night. He's worked with so many big names who've had nothing but respect and praise to share since his passing.

Has anyone seen Green Room, the new movie Anton and Imogen did together? Their chemistry was so genuine and cute in Fright Night, so I was sold there. Green Room is supposed to be very good, especially the acting. (Had a very limited run here so I missed it, but the DVD/etc drops next month.) Here's the red band trailer (heads-up for violence).

One other item of interest: in 1989, when he was a baby and his parents had just emigrated from Russia, they did an interview with the LA Times. "A woman came up, saw Anton, and said, 'He's beautiful. He will be actor.'"

(I'm sorry, I hope this isn't terribly off-topic for the kinkmeme.)

I'm looking for an RP partner
Hey everyone! I've been looking for an RP partner to be Peter in a Charley/Peter RP and I'd love to find someone who is into the same ship and who loves it just as much as I do.

Any takers?

Fright Night Slash Roleplay!
I'm looking for someone interested in rolelpaying Fright Night (2011). I've been searching for a rp partner for over a month to no avail and thought I would try my chances here. My current ship cravings are as listed:
Edward 'Evil Ed' Lee x Charley Brewster
Ed x Mark
You pick the character you want to play, I'll take the guy left over.
▶ I write in 3rd person (past tense), and I wish for my partner to do the same.
▶ We can plot together, or we can just go the PWP route.
▶ My posts usually run about 3-6 paragraphs long, and at the very least I can write a paragraph. (So I expect my partner be able to write 1-2 paragraphs min. I can't even begin to explain to you how disappointing it is for me when I spend a long time writing a very detailed response and get a one liner from my partner in reply. >__< That kind of shit don't fly by me, son.) But honestly it's quality over quantity. I don't ask a lot from my rp partner, just that you be literate.
▶ I'm fine with AU's, smut, mature themes such as gore, ect... but I don't require that we do any of that. I'm all about making my rp partner happy. ^__^
▶ I'm not looking to interact with OC's, nor am I interested in cross-overs, or m-preg.
Leave a comment or shoot me a message if your interested. Also, I don't mind where we rp, whether it via pm, another website, or by email. I'm open to doing this anyplace you'd like. I'm always looking for some good, long term rp's, so don't hesitate to contact me!

Lisa Kitty
I've posted here before about one game I'm in, but now I'm in two that I thought I'd promote.

War is Coming is a panfandom game on insanejournal set in the Supernatural universe, though you don't need to know Supernatural to join. So far we have a decent set of Fright Night characters - Peter, Ginger, Amy, and even Peter's mother as of recently. It would be great to get the remaining characters, especially Charley, in the game. In this game, Fright Night characters are puncturable meaning they're able to see their own movie. Check it out here.

The second game is Carnaval de la Lumière, which is also panfandom but set in a traveling depression era carnival. It's loosely based on the tv series Carnivàle, but like the first game you don't need any knowledge of the show the game is based off of. Here we only have Peter and Amy. Peter is the carnival's illusionist and they just took Amy on as part of a Vaudeville singing and dancing act. Check it out here.

I'd also be interested in hearing about any games you guys might be in involving Fright Night characters and interested if anyone might want to get a PSL or something going on strictly for Fright Night.

And just so this isn't all RP talk, have one of my favorite Fright Night AU videos! Here. I'm waiting for someone to turn it into a fic.

Debt Collection, R-ish, Charley & Jerry
cheaper than therapy

Title: Debt Collection
Author: ilcuoreardendo | ilcuoreardendo
Pairing: Pre Charley/Jerry, really
Warnings: Nudity, some sexuality, coercion (dub-con, non con elements)
Summary: Jerry finds Charley after the boy's explosive encounter with a group of vampires.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I just play with 'em.

Follow the fake cut to my Tumblr. (And, hey, give me a follow if you're so inclined. I post a variety of short fic there. When I'm not stuck in creative doldrums.)

( “To think, you traded everything I offered…for this. It doesn’t even rate as a shithole, Charley.” Jerry shook his head, reached out and plucked him from the makeshift bedding. )

Fanfic: Equipment #8 (Peter/Charley, PG-13)
Frowny Face
Title: Equipment (Part 8)
Author: tayberhecate
Pairing(s), Character(s): Peter, Charley
Rating: PG-13 (other chapters may have higher ratings)
Warnings: Peter's foul mouth, no heavy slash in this installment.
Summary: Wherein Peter and Charley display the proper (and not so proper) use of the standard gadgets, objects, implements, items, props, gizmos, toys, gear, things, and tools of a vampire hunter.
Disclaimer: Fright Night and all characters therein © Tom Holland/Craig Gillespie
Word Count: 1,454

Why yes, I am still alive. Why do you ask? Basically, I suck. and RP is amazingly addictive BUT I am trying to get back to writing more! So, here! Have a bit of fic!

Fic: Aftermath
boy love
Title: Aftermath
Chapters: 1/1
Author: csi_sanders1129
Genre: Angst. Drama. Romance.
Ratings: T
Word Count: 2,187
Pairings/Characters: Charley Brewster/Peter Vincent, mentions of Jane, Amy, Jerry.
Synopsis: In which Charley is bitten and Peter isn’t ready to give up.
Comments: Written in response to cottoncandy_bingo prompt: accident and hc_bingo prompt: wild card - attacked by a creature. First Fright Night fic - only saw the movie like 2 days ago, so yeah. Lyrics at the beginning belong to Lifehouse, and the title comes from there, as well. Characters not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

Read Here

Fright Night 2011, Jerry/Charlie, Hide and Seek.
Dark Affection
Fandom: Fright Night 2011

Pairing: Jerry/Charlie

Rating: R? might be too high, but better safe than sorry.

Summary: They like playing hide and seek.

Warning/s: Blood Play? Short fic, OOCness, Not too good at tags, warnings or pretty links, hope I got it right.


seeking a Jerry
Lisa Kitty
It's only me dropping in again. Do any of you rp? Right now we're looking for Jerry Dandridge for a villain plot. Maybe a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months - Really, it's up to you. It's a panfandom game and so far we have Amy and Peter. Other characters are welcome, too. Because of the game's plot, you can bring a character in from any point in canon. It's a fantastic game that's been active for over two years.

Amy/Ed recs?!
I've never seen this pairing anywhere, and I hate that their interaction in the movie is limited to her smashing him upside the head with a mace. But if any delicious Amy/Ed fic exists, please rec away!


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