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Fanfic: Equipment #8 (Peter/Charley, PG-13)
Frowny Face
tayberhecate wrote in frightnight2011
Title: Equipment (Part 8)
Author: tayberhecate
Pairing(s), Character(s): Peter, Charley
Rating: PG-13 (other chapters may have higher ratings)
Warnings: Peter's foul mouth, no heavy slash in this installment.
Summary: Wherein Peter and Charley display the proper (and not so proper) use of the standard gadgets, objects, implements, items, props, gizmos, toys, gear, things, and tools of a vampire hunter.
Disclaimer: Fright Night and all characters therein © Tom Holland/Craig Gillespie
Word Count: 1,454

Why yes, I am still alive. Why do you ask? Basically, I suck. and RP is amazingly addictive BUT I am trying to get back to writing more! So, here! Have a bit of fic!


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