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Anton <3
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raqs_loki wrote in frightnight2011
Not sure how often anyone pops by here these days, but I'm sure most of us still love the movie and have heard the sad news. Based on the comments around the internet and the fact that two coworkers told me separately, it's been a bit of comfort to discover how many people knew of and appreciated Anton even while his star was still rising, even if just from Fright Night. He's worked with so many big names who've had nothing but respect and praise to share since his passing.

Has anyone seen Green Room, the new movie Anton and Imogen did together? Their chemistry was so genuine and cute in Fright Night, so I was sold there. Green Room is supposed to be very good, especially the acting. (Had a very limited run here so I missed it, but the DVD/etc drops next month.) Here's the red band trailer (heads-up for violence).

One other item of interest: in 1989, when he was a baby and his parents had just emigrated from Russia, they did an interview with the LA Times. "A woman came up, saw Anton, and said, 'He's beautiful. He will be actor.'"

(I'm sorry, I hope this isn't terribly off-topic for the kinkmeme.)

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saw Green Room! slightly spoilery

Oh man. Very tense survival thriller - my friend and I had to take a breather 45 minutes in because we were on the edge of our seats. An interesting dynamic develops between AY & IP's characters.

If you dug Fright Night you'll probably enjoy it. Hell, it wouldn't take much tweaking to combine the two plots into an AU.

(Be advised, there's a bunch of racist villains, high-moderate gore/violence/death, and some animal abuse but the dog seems okay in the end.)

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