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Amy & Jerry in the film
So this might sound incredibly stupid, but did Amy and Jerry screw or what? He tells Charley that Amy's scent is "all gone now", which could mean from her being vampified, though the sexual implications are definitely there. Amy & Charley's exchange (something like a pensive "Are you okay?" "...Yeah, I'm okay") after Jerry bites the dust suggests she knew what she was doing and remembers doing it when she kissed Jerry in front of Charley.

I realize the film left it ambiguous (not to mention that sometimes vampires simply don't have sex, depending on the movie/book/canon/verse/whatever), just hoping to get some discussion going here. Is there anything in deleted scenes, earlier drafts of the script, or even the original film that suggests it being one way or the other?

EDIT: Found an earlier draft of the 2011 film's script online, and at one point Jerry tells Charley that Amy "sucked me dry." Also watched the sexy parts of the 1985 film, in which Jerry dances with Amy & puts his hand up her skirt at the club, and later, in his bedroom, quite clearly seduces her. He also does this weird thing involving several motionless dopey close-ups which I figured is some kind of eye-contact mind control, but that's not really relevant I guess

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Lisa Kitty
This is Bridget, popping in once more to tell you how much this RP I'm in kicks ass.
The game is in progress, but there are a lot of major characters still up for grabs. It's also a panfandom game, so if you feel like claiming a character not from Fright Night you can feel free to do that as well.

Fic: Hayfever
Title: Hayfever
Author: anneka_neko
Pairing(s), Character(s): Jerry/Charley
Rating: T
Summary: Jerry turns up again, in the midst of a violent sneezing fit.
Disclaimer: If I owned it, the gay would be way more obvious.
Word Count: 1823

at my journal~

Fright Night characters needed
Lisa Kitty
Hey, everyone! It's me again. I thought I'd post another request for an RP that is happening on InsaneJournal. It's panfandom meaning you can draw characters from books, movies, theater, or television. This means you can bring in characters from Fright Night. So far the game has an Amy, a Mark, and a Peter. It would be nice to see more Fright Night faces.

I play Amy in this particular game and I can be kind of mean to her. She's got something that might be PTSD from her night as a vampire and that's why I'm pulling for people to bring Jerry into the game. It would absolutely mess with her head. I know Peter would freak out, too. Mark is still a vampire, so there might be a sire bond between those two. I think that Jerry would bring wonderful chaos to the game in general.

You don't need to be familiar with RP, just familiar with writing and with the character you choose to represent.

Anyway, you can find the game below...

A Taste of Life, one-shot
Pike and porn

Title: A Taste of Life
Author: ilcuoreardendo | Ilcuoreardendo
Pairing(s), Character(s): Peter/Charley
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Sex, language
Summary: A gratuitous scene between the boys, sometime post-movie. Basically, I just needed to write a little fandom PWP. Follow the fake cut to my Dreamwidth. (Or read the thing on LJ.)
Disclaimer: Not mine. I just play in the sandbox.
Word Count: 483

( Peter gets like this when things go out of his control. )

Fright Night characters for an RP?
Lisa Kitty
Hey, everyone. There's a supernatural multifandom game I'm involved in on InsaneJournal. I just brought Amy Peterson into the game and thought it might be nice to have familiar faces in the game with her. You can bring characters in from any point in their canon which means you could bring back Ginger or Ed or Jerry if you wanted to. It's a great game with nice, creative people. There's room for other characters from other fandoms, too, if you'd like to write someone else into the game.


There's more information if you follow that link!

Fanfic: Equipment #7 (PG-13, Peter, Charley)
Title: Equipment (Part 7)
Author:  tayberhecate
Pairing(s), Character(s):  Peter, Charley
Rating: PG-13 (other chapters may have higher ratings)
Warnings:  Peter's foul mouth, no heavy slash in this installment, obligatory DW injokes.
Summary:  Wherein Peter and Charley display the proper (and not so proper) use of the standard gadgets, objects, implements, items, props, gizmos, toys, gear, things, and tools of a vampire hunter.
Disclaimer:  Fright Night and all characters therein © Tom Holland/Craig Gillespie
Word Count:  766

I have updates and fills for like ten different stories, including more Equipment, more Demon Spawn, and a number of other prompts, that are all so close to being finished.  I haven't forgotten them, I swear!  :)  

Oh yes, before I forget...

I'm looking for a beta-reader willing to read explicit content Peter/Charley stories.  Normally my sister does my betawork, and does an excellent job, but she and I both are uncomfortable with her reading my mature-content stories.  So, I'm hoping someone here may be able to help with these, now and in the future.  I'm not concerned about grammar or spelling as it is usually near-perfect aside from the odd typo.  What I really need is someone who can read through my finished/nearly finished stories and tell me what's not making sense or is worded awkwardly, because sometimes what makes sense in my head comes across like gibberish to my readers.  The ability to debate writing style is a big plus, someone who can talk shop rather than just tell me if they like it or not.   I am willing to do an exchange of services as well; you beta mine, and I'll be more than happy to beta yours, or write you something, or even draw you something if you want.  If you are interested, please send me a message on my profile! 

Anyways, enjoy this silly little snippet, and keep on prompting and being awesome, you guys!  

Looking For RP Partner
Looking for an rp partner to play Peter/Charley. If anyone is interested, please PM me. :)

Fanfic: five one-shots (PG-13, Charley, Peter)
Raising The Stakes

Hello!  Got some assorted fics I wrote for a writing challenge over at 5_prompts that I thought you guys might like.  Wrote them in a bit of a rush to meet the deadline, but I'm rather pleased with the results.  By the way, I wrote all five of these within a day and a half.  *victory dance* go me!!  Now if only I could get the fills I'm working on for here done that fast...  

Everything is at my journal, I've provided the links and basic headings here though.  Fright Night and all characters therein (c) Tom Holland and Craig Gillespie, blah blah, you guys know the drill by now, I'm sure.

Title: Fishbowl
Link: http://tayberhecate.livejournal.com/16737.html
Characters: Charley/Peter
Summary: "I am a perfectly capable pet owner," Peter said, affronted.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 for language and implied sexual content, a bit silly and fluffy
Word Count: 1166

Title: The Wrong Sort of Place to be Thinking of You
Link: http://tayberhecate.livejournal.com/16913.html
Characters: Charley, mentions of Peter, Amy, Ed, and Mrs. Granada
Summary: Charley's brain runs away with him a bit during a class assignment
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 for language, bit of angst
Word Count: 1397

Title: Maybe Tomorrow
Link: http://tayberhecate.livejournal.com/17387.html
Characters: Charley/Peter
Summary: Sometimes an offer of reassurance is not nearly enough.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 for language and mild adult content, heavy angst
Word Count: 1128

Title: Samhain
Link: http://tayberhecate.livejournal.com/17513.html
Characters: Peter, mentions of Ginger
Summary: On All Hallow's Eve, Peter takes a moment to remember someone he's lost.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 for language and ideologically sensitive material
Word Count: 1529

Title: Easy
Link: http://tayberhecate.livejournal.com/17733.html
Characters: Charley/Peter, mentions of Jerry
Summary: Peter is used to nightmares, but that doesn't stop Charley from being concerned.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 for language and implied sexual content
Word Count: 670

Question for you guys....
So because I'm a hopeless nerd who loves to agonize over fine details that barely have any significance beyond a few words in a story, I'm in the middle of working out a floor map of Peter's penthouse.  I like to keep things consistent, and figured it would help to write scenes in the penthouse if I actually have an idea of where everything is.  Also, I just like drawing maps.  I'm planning to post it up here when it's done, so that anyone else who'd like to may use it, but at the moment, I'm trying to work out a few problems with it.   Feel free to either ignore me or mock me for overthinking all of this, but otherwise, I was hoping some of you guys might also be big enough geeks to help me out with it.  

We only see a couple of the rooms in the film, which by the way, is a total pain in the ass because as I'm trying to map it out on paper, the dimensions of each room do not match up at all.  Probably because the set was built in several pieces, rather than one cohesive apartment complex.  Anyways, I'm having to make up some parts of the flat, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for different rooms that they may have incorporated into their headcanon as part of Peter's home?  

I'm including a library at the very least, and it'll need the standard kitchen and bathrooms and whatnot.  Any requests for anything specific?  Music room? entertainment room? Magic practice room?  Maybe one of those kinds of rooms super rich people have for no other reason than that they can and never even use or even know what it's for?  If you can picture it, I'll add it to the map.  My only requirement is to make it actually viable, please.  I'm not just going to draw in like... his own circus ring, or private indoor Olympic sized swimming pool.  Let's not make it too ridiculous.  It is, first and foremost, a suite in the Hard Rock Hotel, so, swanky as it is, it can't have just anything and everything.  Oh, suppose I should mention, I have also been looking at the website for the actual Hard Rock, since they have floor plans for their larger penthouse suites, but I can't find any that really match Peter's.

New rooms aside, we know from what was shown onscreen that there are at least three collection halls, one of which has a staircase that apparently heads all the way downstairs to the kitchen for the nightclub.  There's the great room, and the panic room, and then there's Peter's bedroom.  

There's another problem there - the bedroom.  When they are in the great room, we can see what is clearly a partition, and not a wall, behind Charley's usual chair.  It doesn't meet the walls or ceiling on any side, and you can see the rest of the room beyond that.  As near as I can tell, on the other side of that partition is supposed to be Peter's and Ginger's bedroom.  Except that doesn't quite make sense because then when Peter is talking with Amy and Charley and Ginger's watching her show, they should be able to hear the TV from the great room, and their conversation would probably be drowning out the show for her and driving her mad.  So I'm wondering if there is a door in the wall back there that leads to the actual bedroom.  Any thoughts there?

Also, if you look beyond that partition, on the right hand wall there is a door, which should lead to the collection hall where Charley killed Ed, but there is no corresponding door in that collection hall, so I'm assuming it leads to the rest of the apartment.  Again, your thoughts appreciated.

I think that's everything so far...  like I said, feel free to ignore, mock, or toss in your thoughts at your leisure.


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